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Swivel Seat

Enjoy the ride in the passenger seat of a sedan with the features specially made just for you.

  • Swivel Seat Image
  • Rotating Passenger Side Seat
    Swivel Seat from inside to outside that shifts up and down with a simple switch and a remote control for optimum convenience.
  • Corded Remote Control, Switch below the seat Image
  • Disabled The Disabled and their guardians can easily operate it with a corded remote control which is installed as a basic option.

※ Please note that the feature mentioned above must be operated on the level ground when accompanied by a guardian. (Please read the manual or the warning messages inside the vehicle before operating)

Safety and Convenient Device

  • 상체고정벨트
  • Upper body fastening seat belt
    In case of a severely disabled passenger, it keeps body from leaning toward one side or swerving.
  • 안전발판
  • Safety foothold
    A sliding type of foothold is installed, which prevents from feet getting jammed.

The range of the Swivel Seat’s operation

1.Seat rotating angle, 2.Distance of the seat’s projection, 3.Spacious leg room when rotating, 4.Minimum height from the ground to the seat’s left side, 5.Height of the Opening