My Crain

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My Crain for better and easier travel

My Crain / Fixed Belt / Bumper Protecting Cover

Easier and more comfortable! My Crain will help your mobility.

  • My Crain / Fixed Belt / Bumper Protecting Cover
  • Working just simple buttons, a crane that allows wheelchair (scooter) for loading, a fastening belt that can secure them when the vehicle is in motion, a bumper protecting cover that prevents the bumper from being damaged, make it safer, more comfortable and convenient.

※ Wheelchair (scooter) are not included for sale, and loading can have limitation depending on the size.

The range of the My Crain operation

Manual rotation, electronic lift format-Allowable Load 176 lbs, Foldaway for convenient storage - Maximize the storage space, Bumper protecting cover / Wheelchair fastening belt